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  1. Jeff says

    I have not heard of these reels until today? I plan on trying one of these as soon as I can…. I had bought 2 Abu Garcia reels over the weekend and wish I had heard of these sooner….

  2. Willie Weatherford says

    I own 6 KastKing Baitcast reels, and bought into the Crowdfund for the Speed Demon Elite. I was replacing my set of reels a little over 2 years ago, and started with a Spartacus Plus, it was cheap, and one of those “why not” purchases. Turned out to be a solid performer, so much so I replaced all my reels with Kastkings. Two years of TONS of fish, hundreds of trips on the deck of the boat and every one of them are still going strong. Even the oldest one I own is showing NO signs of fatigue, besides some of the writing finally beginning to wear off. I’ve casted MANY big brands, and I can tell you from experience these reels are solid

  3. Robert says

    Read a little bit about these reels and like what there doing for us the consumers. Affordable with
    quality and sounds like mostly USA produced.
    I’m ordering of the Amazon. KK royal legend.

    • Paul Quigley says

      Hello Robert, Just to let you know KastKing reels are affordable with quality however they are manufactured overseas. We do procure our materials from around the world. Our Kastpro line is made here in the US and we will be expanding our made in the US line soon.

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